Camp Staffing Wall Calendar

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Staff Calendar - CampHacker_newsletter.jpg
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CampHacker Staff Wall Calendar_sample.png

Camp Staffing Wall Calendar

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Finding (and Keeping) Great Staff Doesn't Have To Be This Hard

With the summer camp season just about to launch, it's always so hard to see camps struggling to find staff members for key positions. 

(not to mention so many camps having troubles with staff members keeping their commitments to their jobs)

You're a smart, accomplished CampPro.  You've been at this for years and genuinely changing the lives of your campers and the people who work for you.

Why then, does it feel like it gets harder every year to recruit, train and retain great staff? 

You might be asking yourself, "Is it me?!?".  You're definitely asking, "What is up with young adults these days?"

How frustrating. 

We know what that is like.  We were camp directors (eventually over 5 camps) for 15 years.   We help camps every year who struggle with these same questions. 

Beth has created a 12 month action plan (starting with changes that you can make this summer to affect next year's hiring) to make things simple.

One easy action step to take each week.   Each action leading to the best staff ever (and many less headaches!) in 2017. 

Order the Camp Staffing Wall Calendar now and get control. 

(If something doesn't change in your hiring, will next spring be any better?)

Purchase the Staff Calendar

You've got this.   The calendar will help. 

The Camp Staffing Wall Calendar is based on the CampHacker summer camp staff method created by Beth Allison. By looking at next year, by thinking of themes and tips to simplify your staff community building, you’ll avoid getting stuck and can shape your weeks, months, and years in a way that helps grow your camp staff every single day

With The Camp Staffing Wall Calendar, you’ll be able to develop control and confidence over hiring and keeping great camp staff.

Here's why:

It's BIG.

25" x 36" - It shows you the whole year at once. You no longer have to page through a traditional calendar (or on your small computer screen) to see the whole year. You can layout your goals for the year, set future deadlines, and clearly see the passing of time. Also, it has bigger squares so you can write more.


Unlike other calendars, this one has no space between months. The philosophy here is that the week is the currency we think in so this calendar focuses on presenting 52 weeks rather than 12 months. This feature helps you plan across months easily and see clearly the distance/days between any two dates in the year. It will also motivate you to see weeks passing, deadlines approaching, and goals accomplished.


It combines functional features with brilliant aesthetics. In Making Ideas Happen, author Scott Belsky says, "the design of your productivity tools will affect how eager you are to use them. Attraction often breeds commitment." You'll be eager to use this attractive calendar.

As the saying goes, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This calendar is a great tool to help you plan your camp staffing strategy for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

A couple of Months worth of tips from the Calendar:

April: Get Them Involved

  • "Make a Difference" in the city and do a project together (soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) and have a meal together (hold several in several different cities if needed)
  • Decide who will run sessions during Staff Training and hold a short planning session with each of them (via Skype)
  • Finish Staff Training Plans (focus on helping Staff to connect and understand your WHY)

September: Appreciate, Evaluate, and Prepare

  • Post to your website a Staff “slide show” celebrating them changing lives (send Staff the link)
  • Prepare photos showing how staff make a difference (post weekly to your social media accounts)
  • Complete the Back on TRACK exercise on with Senior Staff



  • Calendar spans the 12 months of the summer camp staff hiring schedule: May 2016- April 2017
  • Paper surface, works with pencil, pens & markers
  • Larger boxes than most calendars, more space for writing (thus more time! we all need that!)
  • Weeks start on Sunday
  • Minimal vertical lines reduce "chart junk" and emphasize your deadlines (trust me, it's cool)